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Industry Leading Quality & Consistent Customer Satisfaction

We are proud to offer our customers the top quality and value in commercial landscaping and lawn care services. Are you a business looking to keep your property appearing its best at all times? You can trust the grounds care specialists from Porowski Lawn & Landscape to get the job done right every time.

You can have confidence in choosing Porowski Lawn & Landscape

We are dedicated to attending to our client's commercial lawn care needs thoroughly and attentively. Our experts are professional, honest, and trustworthy, and that is what makes us East Texas' trusted landscape team. Every landscape that we maintain is painstakingly manicured to look the best that it can be. Quality is in the details and no other landscape company comes close to our attention to those details and our dedication to premium results.

Providing the MOST VALUE

We are honest and up front and our goal is to provide you with the MOST VALUE! We truly love working with the beautiful landscapes in our area and view it as a privilege for you to invite us onto your property. We take a proactive approach and employ preventative solutions that will save you money and frustration in the long run!

"Proactive" Budget Conscious Solutions

A routine schedule with consistent service. Quality results with a budget conscious approach. Clear communication from a company who is proactive in noticing the ever changing needs of the landscape. A service provider who offers a preventative approach to issues before they get out of hand. These are things you should expect when hiring a landscape management company. Porowski Lawn & Landscape fulfill all of those needs and more. We have the resources to handle any property and the knowledge to put our resources into effect. As you manage your site(s) you face balancing the visual impact of your property against the cost of sustaining and protecting your investment. Our partnership ensures your landscape needs are covered. We offer landscape maintenance, turf and ornamental treatments, property enhancements, and more.

Fertilization, Weed, & Pest Management

Reduce the cost of commercial landscape maintenance with a proactive plan to eliminate weeds and pests-increasing the overall appearance and health of your landscape. As a leading industry expert in lawn care and landscaping, our teams establish carefully calibrated, environmentally sensitive programs for the fertilization of trees and plants. You get a customized plan that is good for your reputation, your landscape, and all who enjoy it.


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Landscape Management

We offer a top to bottom complete care system that eliminates the hassle of hiring and scheduling multiple contractors. We can effectively maintain all aspects of your landscape and leave no stone unturned. One thing that sets us apart is our knowledgeable staff. We make regularly scheduled walks through your property and handle any issues before they get out of hand.

Landscape Enhancement

We are experts at providing well thought out landscape enhancements that will provide the best bang for your buck. We will work with your existing landscape to bring out its full potential! Wether you need 500 plants or just a flat of flowers, we have you covered! We also have the ability to special order plants and materials if needed!

Irrigation Management

Irrigation is a crucial component for East Texas landscapes. Let us save you money and headaches involved with high water bills, replacing plants that are lost due to drought, and water damage to your property. You will never have to worry about dry spots, broken parts, adjustments, or replacements ever again!


Thank you for contacting us, we look forward to working with you!

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